The Advanced Diploma in Business is a one year full time program designed to further develop skills and knowledge in Business, Finance, Marketing and Management and prepare students for entry to year 2 or 3 of a business or finance undergraduate degree.

Teacher-Student ratio: 1:21

Modules / Units :-

  • International Marketing
  • Financial Accounting
  • Marketing Channels
  • Workplace Negotiations
  • Business Finance II
  • International Business Environment
  • Organizational Behavior Management
  • IT for Business
  • Human Resource Management

Free tuition :-

  • English
  • Tamil
  • Sinhala (foreign students only)
  • IT and Computing
  • Retail Management

Free Tuition Classes will be organized in the Institute for those students who wish to improve their IT, English and Tamil. Professionally qualified Instructors will conduct the classes to enhance the IT knowledge and command of English and Tamil languages. Students will improve their IT, languages, listening, speaking, reading and presentation skills. The students will get opportunities to involve in conversation, Dialogue, writing and use of English grammar with accuracy when in use.

Admission requirements :-

Diploma in Business (QIBC) or an Equivalent bridging program

Delivery method :-

  • Classroom lessons include some or all of the following;
  • Lectures
  • Group discussions
  • Presentations
  • Case studies
  • Videos

Duration :- 12 months in full-time / part-time mode

Assessment :-

  • Each module is assessed via the following;
  • Assignments
  • Group projects
  • Oral presentation
  • Practical demonstrations
  • Examinations