About Us

QIB Campus stands out as a trusted institute, boasting a 20-year history of credibility and reliability since its establishment in 2004. This extensive tenure implies a track record of successful student placements and services. Their longstanding presence in the education sector suggests a commitment to delivering quality education and support to students aiming for academic excellence and successful careers.

An exclusive agent for Yerevan State Medical University, QIB Campus offers unique access to this esteemed institution. This exclusive partnership underscores the institute’s ability to provide specialized opportunities, particularly in the medical field, ensuring students gain access to world-class education and resources.

One of QIB Campus’s notable achievements lies in its assistance to over 3000 students in realizing their dreams through scholarships. This accomplishment underscores their commitment to helping students secure financial aid, thereby making education more accessible and affordable for aspiring learners.

The institute’s collaborations with over 100 prestigious universities worldwide speak volumes about its commitment to offering a diverse range of educational options. These partnerships not only enhance students’ choices but also reflect QIB Campus’s dedication to providing quality education through reputable institutions globally.

Clear documentation and transparency in processes are crucial for international students navigating complex procedures such as visa applications and university admissions. QIB Campus emphasizes ensuring clarity and transparency in its documentation processes, offering students peace of mind and guidance through administrative requirements.

With main offices situated in Sri Lanka, Australia, UK, Russia, and Ukraine, QIB Campus maintains a global presence. This widespread reach enables them to cater to students from various countries, providing comprehensive support services and a broad array of educational options tailored to diverse needs and preferences.